Feb 17, 2011

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Acolyte Realm

Acolyte Realm

Years ago in Bristle Woods, a MouseHunter by the name of Plankrun opened a passageway to another realm. The passage was intended to act as an elaborate one-way trap for Acolyte mice. However, recently, the Acolyte mice have had success in reversing the portal’s direction and are attempting to re-enter the Gnawnia Kingdom.


  1. Overview
      Hunting Tips by Larry
      New Mice
  2. Cheese and Mice
      The Mice of the Acolyte Realm
      Mice Populations
  3. Setup Options
  4. Goals
      Catch an Acolyte Mouse
  5. Related Articles



The Acolyte Realm is in a far-off land that can’t be traveled to using normal methods. Instead, a hunter must travel to the Forbidden Grove and wait until they catch a Realm Ripper to be transported here.

Once in the Acolyte Realm, the hunter is advised to use Runic Cheese and either a powerful Arcane trap (for good points and gold returns) or the Ancient Box Trap (for catching the Acolyte Mouse).



To hunt in the Acolyte Realm a Hunter must have:
    A Hunter’s Title of at least Legendary.
    The Keeper’s Candle from a Keeper Mouse in the Catacombs.
And it is recommended that a Hunter should have:
    An Arcane or Forgotten Weapon.
    Runic Cheese.


Hunting Tips by Larry

We aren’t in Gnawnia anymore!

Look sharp, brave MouseHunter, for in this tower dwells an evil mouse known as the Acolyte. If you plan on attracting one to your trap you will need Runic cheese made from runes collected in the Forbidden Grove. Although, be warned: few traps are capable of doing any significant damage against an Acolyte.

Fear not, MouseHunter, for there is hope. Word has spread of an island located far off the eastern coast of Gnawnia where a trap was once constructed capable of defeating an Acolyte. Visit the General Store in the Catacombs where there are blueprints that show how to build a ship capable of sailing the open ocean.


New Mice

There are 3 new mice in the Acolyte Realm that a hunter won’t have encountered before, none of these mice can be found in other locations.





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Cheese and Mice

Here we give an overview of the mice that can be encountered in this location, and how often you can expect to see them using various cheese.

The Mice of the Acolyte Realm

Here is a breakdown of the various mice that can be found in the location, and what loot they might drop:

(Known Cheese Preferences)
Potential Loot Drop Rate
Acolyte The Forgotten Mice
Mysterious Box Unknown
Black Widow Indigenous Mice
SUPER|brie+ Unknown
Gate Guardian The Forgotten Mice
Golem The Forgotten Mice
Gorgon The Forgotten Mice
Lich The Forgotten Mice
Mutated Grey Indigenous Mice
Mutated White Indigenous Mice
Sorcerer The Forgotten Mice
Rune Unknown
Spectre The Forgotten Mice
Wight The Forgotten Mice
Occassional Visitors
(These mice are not always encountered in this location)
Glitchpaw Event Mice
Rune Unknown
Runic Cheese Unknown


Mice Populations

We currently do not have enough results for Mice Populations.


There isn’t really much of a choice in the Acolyte Realm, Runic cheese is required to attract the three new mice for this location.

Some hunters will want to try other cheese for the purposes of staling it in the Acolyte Realm.

Ancient and Radioactive Blue cheese can be used in the Acolyte Realm, but they attract less and weaker mice.


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Setup Options

We currently do not have enough results for Setup Options.


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Here is a selection of Goals that a hunter may like to achieve:

Catch an Acolyte Mouse

The Acolyte Mouse is one of the most powerful mice in the game.

The Acolyte Mouse can only be attracted using Runic cheese and is best caught using a Forgotten trap such as the Ancient Box Trap.

Hunters are advised to be patient with this mouse; collecting a large amount of Runic before hunting for it should help to avoid frustration.


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Thank you to all who have contributed so far and will do so in the future.


This article contains information relevant to MouseHunt v3.

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