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Derr Dunes

Derr Dunes

The dunes are a harsh, barren wasteland where only the toughest of mice can survive. The Derr Tribe take advantage of their ability to survive and navigate in such a dangerous terrain as a defensive strength which allows them to maximize their offensive abilities. Use of a Physical trap is highly recommended when hunting for the Derr.


  1. Overview
      Hunting Tips by Larry
      New Mice
  2. Cheese and Mice
      The Mice of the Derr Dunes
      Mice Populations
  3. Setup Options
  4. Goals
      Collect Delicious Stones
      Collect Red Pepper Seeds
      Catch a Derr Chieftain Mouse with the Blueprints
  5. Related Articles



The Derr Dunes is the Physical location of the Tribal Isles, it contains a number of mice that are unique to this location and only a Physical trap will be truely effective here.

Many of the mice drop Delicious Stones in this location, which are crafted into Crunchy cheese that can either be used in Cape Clawed or in Derr Dunes to attract the three most powerful mice of this location, all of whom drop Red Pepper Seeds.



To hunt in the Derr Dunes a Hunter must have:
    A Hunter’s Title of at least Legendary.
    Have crafted the Ocean Navigation Kit.
And it is recommended that a Hunter should have:
    A good Physical Weapon.
    At least Brie cheese.


Hunting Tips by Larry

Great Scott, what in King’s name are we doing here?! Are you mad, MouseHunter? Members of the Derr tribe are ruthless, power-hungry war mongers! The reputation of the Derr Tribe is known across the Island. They topple even the most powerful of traps with ease, crippling hunters’ courage and pillaging their gold! Hunting here is not for the faint of heart, but capturing a member of the Derr tribe does come with a handsome reward of gold!

If you insist on hunting the dangerous Derr Tribe you will need a powerful Physical Trap. If you are familiar with the Burroughs Region, perhaps you have discovered the secret research facility called Digby. The Trapsmith in Digby sells the powerful Digby DrillBot, known throughout Gnawnia as a vital component in a strong Physical trap setup.

The mice of Derr trust no one, a trait that has made them very suspicious and hard to trick into a trap. You’ll find Gouda is quite capable of attracting a member of Derr towards a trap, but SUPER|brie+ is even more effective! The magical sparkle of SUPER|brie+ prevent mice from stealing more than a single piece at a time, a property that comes in especially handy here in the Derr Dunes as the mice here tend to steal cheese in large quantities.

You’re on your own now, MouseHunter. This heavy suit of armour proves to be quite cumbersome when trying to navigate the rocky terrain here. Best of luck!


New Mice

There are 8 new mice to be found in the Derr Dunes. All of which can only be caught with Physical traps and are not encountered in other locations.

Derr Chieftain









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Cheese and Mice

Here we give an overview of the mice that can be encountered in this location, and how often you can expect to see them using various cheese.

The Mice of the Derr Dunes

Here is a breakdown of the various mice that can be found in the location, and what loot they might drop:

(Known Cheese Preferences)
Potential Loot Drop Rate
Black Widow Indigenous Mice
SUPER|brie+ Unknown
Derr Chieftain The Derr Tribe
1 Ancient Mangled Blueprint (Max 1) Unknown
1-3 Red Pepper Seeds ~100%
Gladiator The Derr Tribe
1-2 Red Pepper Seeds ~100%
Grunt The Derr Tribe
1-3 Delicious Stones Unknown
Guardian The Derr Tribe
1 Red Pepper Seed ~100%
Healer The Derr Tribe
1 Delicious Stone Unknown
Mintaka The Derr Tribe
1 Delicious Stone Unknown
Renegade The Derr Tribe
1 Delicious Stone Unknown
Seer The Derr Tribe
1 Delicious Stone Unknown
Spellbinder The Derr Tribe
1-2 Delicious Stones Unknown
Sylvan Forest Guild
Trailblazer The Derr Tribe
1 Delicious Stone Unknown
Wordsmith The Derr Tribe
1 Delicious Stone Unknown
Occassional Visitors
(These mice are not always encountered in this location)
Glitchpaw Event Mice
Crunchy Cheese Unknown
Delicious Stone Unknown


Mice Populations

We currently do not have enough results for Mice Populations.


Crunchy is the only cheese to use if you are after the three “boss” mice of Derr.

If you are collecting Delicious Stones you will need to balance attraction rate and cost when deciding which cheese to use.

The more expensive cheese will bring in more Delicious Stones while hunting, but the the cheaper cheese will enable you to earn more gold.


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Setup Options

We currently do not have enough results for Setup Options.


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Here is a selection of Goals that a hunter may like to achieve:

Collect Delicious Stones

Delicious Stones are required to make Crunchy Cheese, which is used to attract the Aged Mouse in Cape Clawed, and three mice in Derr Dunes, the Derr Chieftain Mouse, Gladiator Mouse and Guardian Mouse.

Delicious Stones are dropped as loot by the Grunt Mouse (upto 3), Healer Mouse, Mintaka Mouse, Renegade Mouse, Seer Mouse, Spellbinder Mouse (upto 2), Trailblazer Mouse and Healer Mouse, each mouse only drops up to 1 Delicious Stone with the two exceptions mentioned above.

The weaker the mouse is, the less likely they are to drop Delicious Stones, with the Renegade Mouse dropping 1 Delicious Stone in almost all cases.


Collect Red Pepper Seeds

Red Pepper Seeds are required to make a number of the Havarti Cheese used in the Jungle of Dread and Dracano, they are only dropped by the three mice in Derr Dunes that can only be attracted with Crunchy Cheese.

Red Pepper Seeds are dropped as loot by the Derr Chieftain Mouse (upto 3), Gladiator Mouse (upto 2) and Guardian Mouse (upto 1).

High power and high luck Physical traps are highly recommended when hunting these three mice.


Catch a Derr Chieftain Mouse with the Blueprints

The Derr Chieftain Mouse drops the Ancient Mangled Blueprint Piece, which is used for crafting the Ancient Box Trap.

The Derr Chieftain Mouse is only attracted to Crunchy Cheese, is not commonly encountered and is the most powerful mouse in the location, fortunately it will drop the Blueprints in most cases (unless you already have them in your inventory), so it is an unlucky hunter who has to catch more than two before receiving this loot.

High power and high luck Physical traps are highly recommended.


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Thank you to all who have contributed so far and will do so in the future.


This article contains information relevant to MouseHunt v3.

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