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King’s Arms

King’s Arms

Have King’s Credits to spend? Visit the many shoppes at the King’s Arm to exchange your King’s Credits for hunting equipment and loot!


  1. Overview
      Hunting Tips by Larry
      New Mice
  2. Shops
      General Store
  3. Cheese and Mice
      The Mice of the King’s Arms
      Mice Populations
  4. Setup Options
  5. Goals
      Purchase the Shrink Ray Trap
      Use King’s Credits
  6. Related Articles



The King’s Arms is the location to visit when you are looking to spend some of your King’s Credits.

Hunting in this location is only recommended for newer hunters looking for a change in the mice they normally see. Several of the mice here are quite tough for newer hunters though.



To hunt in the King’s Arms a Hunter must have:
    A Hunter’s Title of at least Recruit.
And it is recommended that a Hunter should have:
    Any cheese.
    Any Weapon.


Hunting Tips by Larry

Welcome to the King’s Arms, hunter!

This royal location is home to many shoppes where you can exchange King’s Credits for hunting equipment and loot. Take your time, browse the shops and pick out something nice!


New Mice

There are 2 new mice in the King’s Arms that a hunter won’t have encountered before, but both of these mice can be found in other locations.




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The King’s Arms contains 2 shops: a Trapsmith and a General Store.



The Trapsmith of the King’s Arms contains only one weapon, the Shrink Ray Trap.


Shrink Ray Trap (1,000 Physical Power)
Power Type: Physical
Power Bonus: 5%
Attraction Bonus: 2%
Luck: 8
Cheese Effect: Fresh
Zap! This high-powered Shrink Ray reduces mice to miniature in seconds flat! Makes a great trap for a beginning MouseHunter!
Item Cost:
45 King’s Credits
Points Required: 0


General Store

The General Store of the King’s Arms contains a number of items that can normally only be obtained through collecting loot or receiving gifts, this makes it a very useful place to visit if you wish to stock up for a specific task.

Supply Cost Refund
Meteorite Piece
These small pieces of cheese-like rock are rumoured to be small fragments of the moon.
Cost: 1 King’s Credits
Scrap Metal
These jagged shards of scrap metal resemble the result of a Steel mouse versus a Digby DrillBot.
Cost: 5 King’s Credits
Several thousand times more dense than your average lump of coal, this carbon borders upon diamond! Its extreme density seems to give it almost… magical properties.
Cost: 6 King’s Credits
Pinch of Annoyance
This powder is the distilled essence of the Elub Elders’ irritation at being cooped up in Balack’s Cove. Don’t let it get on your skin– you’ll itch for weeks.
Cost: 6 King’s Credits
Raisins of Wrath
These raisins probably started out as grapes of wrath, but they’ve been sitting out for far too long. The drying process has only concentrated the wrath, so use them sparingly in any evil banana breads or nasty oatmeal cookies you may be planning. Wrath Raisins are best known as an ingredient in Vengeful Vanilla Stilton.
Cost: 6 King’s Credits
Bottled-Up Rage
This potion contains all of the hatred and loathing generated by the ensorcelled Derr Elders over their long servitude to Balack the Banished. It is so angry, it pounds the cork in its bottle, trying to escape.
Cost: 6 King’s Credits
Grungy DeathBot Blueprint
The Deathbot, painted up for our loyal hunters, gives you that gritty, post-apocalyptic feeling while hunting, without leaving the comfort of your own dimension. Combine these blueprints with DeathBot Parts to show your tough side while hunting mice!

The Grungy DeathBot has the same stats as the original Mouse DeathBot and requires 91,000 points to use.
Cost: 100 King’s Credits

Fluffy DeathBot Blueprint
To honor spirit of our loyal hunters, the Deathbot has a new paint job, to give it some extra frills and flower power! Combine these blueprints with DeathBot Parts to obliterate mice the cute way… you know you want to.

The Fluffy DeathBot has the same stats as the original Mouse DeathBot and requires 91,000 points to use.
Cost: 100 King’s Credits

Ninja Ambush Blueprint (3,000 Tactical Power)
With a few small tweaks, the droids of the Ambush Trap become the SUPER NINJA GO-GO DEATH SQUAD!!! Smash an Ambush Trap with your hunters’ hammer and apply this skin to hunt, ninja style!

The Ninja Ambush has the same stats as the original Ambush Trap and requires 950,000 points to use.
Cost: 195 King’s Credits

Cheese Belt Token Pack
Contains 6 Cheese Belt Tokens. The School of the Cheese Belt harnesses the magical energy of these tokens to calm their once insatiable cravings for cheese. Unleashing the power within the token will materialize all the cravings it has absorbed and is vital in the process of creating Glutter cheese.
Cost: 3 King’s Credits
Cheese Claw Token Pack
Contains 6 Cheese Claw Tokens. Cheese Claw tokens harness magical jade gems to encapsulate the teachings of the Claw School. The magic essence of these tokens is a vital ingredient in creating the sacred Susheese, a preferred meal of the Masters of the Cheese Claw.
Cost: 3 King’s Credits
Cheese Fang Token Pack
Contains 6 Cheese Fang Tokens. The glowing ruby in the center of these tokens symbolizes the power of focused aggression that is the core of the teachings of the Cheese Fang. The magical energy of these tokens must be released to create Combat cheese.
Cost: 3 King’s Credits
Contains 10 Seashells. These shells are collected from the shores of Tribal Isle by members of the Elub tribe and ground up to make Shell cheese.
Cost: 3 King’s Credits
Crate of Savoury Vegetables
Contains 10 Savoury Vegetables. Savoury Vegetables are farmed on the eastern plains of Tribal Isle by members of the Nerg tribe, and are the main ingredient in Gumbo cheese.
Cost: 3 King’s Credits
Crate of Delicious Stones
Contains 10 Delicious Stones. These tasty small rocks are collected by members of the Derr tribe within the dunes of Tribal Isle and are used to create Crunchy cheese.
Cost: 3 King’s Credits
Crate of Vanilla Beans
Contains 15 Vanilla Beans. These rare beans are only available deep within the Jungle of Dread, but their rind imparts a pleasant, sweet flavor to food. As a result, it is one of Gnawnia’s most expensive delicacies and is used in the creation of both Vanilla and Vengeful Vanilla Stilton.
Cost: 4 King’s Credits
SUPER|brie+ Supply Pack
A supply package containing 10 SUPER|brie+ and provides the Lucky Golden Shield for 3 days when opened.
Cost: 30 King’s Credits
Radioactive Blue Cheese Potion
This potion converts ordinary Brie or SUPERlbrie+ into Radioactive Blue cheese, the favorite snack of many of the monstrous mice left roaming the Laboratory.
Cost: 8 King’s Credits
Wicked Gnarly Potion
This potion converts Brie or SUPERlbrie+ into Wicked Gnarly Cheese, which is the only cheese twisted enough to draw the attention of the legendary Silth mouse of the Lagoon.
Cost: 8 King’s Credits
Runic Potion
Douse your Gouda or SUPERlbrie+ in a batch of Runic Potion, and it will transform, before your very eyes, into pieces of Runic Cheese, the mystical munchies favored by the mice of the Acolyte Realm.
Cost: 12 King’s Credits


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Cheese and Mice

Here we give an overview of the mice that can be encountered in this location, and how often you can expect to see them using various cheese.

The Mice of the King’s Arm’s

Here is a breakdown of the various mice that can be found in the location, and what loot they might drop:

(Known Cheese Preferences)
Potential Loot Drop Rate
Black Widow Indigenous Mice
SUPER|brie+ Unknown
Brown Indigenous Mice
Marble Cheese Unknown
Burglar Indigenous Mice
Brie Cheese Unknown
1 Flawless Orb Unknown
Gilded Cheese Unknown
Diamond Indigenous Mice
Dwarf Indigenous Mice
Flying Indigenous Mice
Gold Indigenous Mice
Grey Indigenous Mice
Marble Cheese Unknown
Longtail Indigenous Mice
Magic Indigenous Mice
Master Burglar Indigenous Mice
Brie Cheese Unknown
1 Crown Jewel Unknown
1 Satchel of Gold (1,000 gold) Unknown
Nibbler Indigenous Mice
Pugilist Indigenous Mice
Scruffy Indigenous Mice
1 Flawed Orb Unknown
Silvertail Indigenous Mice
1 Simple Orb Unknown
Speedy Indigenous Mice
Tiny Indigenous Mice
White Indigenous Mice
Marble Cheese Unknown


Mice Populations

We currently do not have enough results for Mice Populations.


In this location you will see some extra benefits of using Brie over Swiss, you’ll earn more points and attract additional Burglar mice. If you’re capable of catching those Burglars you can get some nice rewards in terms of Brie and Gilded cheese.

Use of Gilded cheese here will also attract the Master Burglar mouse as well as plenty more regular Burglars.


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Setup Options

We currently do not have enough results for Setup Options.


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Here is a selection of Goals that a hunter may like to achieve:

Purchase the Shrink Ray Trap

If you’re just starting out and are lucky enough to have 45 King’s Credits (can be obtained from daily rewards) then the Shrink Ray Trap is a good purchase for you.

The next trap that you can purchase as an improvement on this one would be the Swiss Army Mouse Trap, but even that might not be worth purchasing as you can use the Shrink Ray Trap until you’re ready to upgrade to the NVMRC Force Field Trap.


Use King’s Credits

The main purpose of this location is to give you a place to spend your King’s Credits. There’s a variety of items you can purchase here to save you time collecting them in other locations.

Take a moment to plan before you make any purchases though, you won’t get too many King’s Credits, so you will want to make the best use of them. For example, when hunting in Furoma many people find that they end up with one Student they have difficulty attracting and/or catching. So hunt for a while in Furoma first, find out which student tokens you’re short on then return here to purchase a crate of that one type.


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Thank you to all who have contributed so far and will do so in the future.


This article contains information relevant to MouseHunt v3.2.32523.

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