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King’s Gauntlet

King’s Gauntlet

This many-storied tower is the King’s personal challenge to MouseHunters everywhere: anyone who can reach the top is among the kingdom’s elite. The King’s Gauntlet works on a tier system, with Hunters advancing to the next floor by hunting with cheese that they collect on the current floor. The Gauntlet is meant as a challenge for hunters of all skill levels, but in order to ascend to the very top, a Hero’s rank will come in handy.


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      Hunting Tips by Larry
      New Mice
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The King’s Gauntlet is a unique location that offers a challenge to hunters of most ranks.

Upon entering the Gauntlet, a hunter may use nearly any cheese to hunt with.

Purchased cheese such as Marble and Swiss work well here, and will attract the mice of Tier 1.

These mice drop a potion that can be used to imbue a new cheese, called Gauntlet Cheese Tier 2.

Arming Gauntlet Cheese Tier 2 will allow a hunter to attract the mice of Tier 2.

The process then repeats itself, with each tier of mice dropping loot to allow you to hunt on the next tier until you reach the final tier.

We have divided this article into 9 parts, this overview article and one additional article on each tier.

Each tier is said to bring different challenges, which means a hunter may need to collect weapons of different power types in order to be able to hunt effectively on each tier.

Here are some quick links to our pages on the various tiers of the King’s Gaunlet:

Tier 1 – aka the Puppet Floor
Tier 2 – aka the Thief Floor
Tier 3 – aka the Melee Floor
Tier 4 – aka the Bard Floor
Tier 5 – aka the Magic Floor
Tier 6 – aka the Noble Floor
Tier 7 – aka the Dust Floor
Tier 8 – aka the Eclipse Floor



To hunt in the King’s Gauntlet a Hunter must have:
    A Hunter’s Title of at least Initiate.
    Have purchased the King’s Gauntlet Floorplan from the Cartographer in the Harbour.


Hunting Tips by Larry

Why hello, Mousehunter! It looks like we’ll be ascending the King’s Gauntlet together!

Hunters have flocked in from all over the land to face the terrors, the wonders, and the challenges of the King’s Gauntlet. If you can make it to the top of this tall, tall tower, you will gain lots of loot, and you will be able to count yourself among the land’s elite.

Every Hunter starts on floor one, using any bait they wish. From then on, Hunters progress to the next floor by using potions collected on the previous floor to make special cheeses. There is no need to travel– just equip the right cheese to move to the next floor!

On each floor, the mice are weak to a different power type. If you get confused, the cheese descriptions may lend a hand. The further you go up the Gauntlet, the more difficult, and profitable, the mice become. Can you make it all the way to the top, and defeat the mysterious Eclipse Mouse?

Good luck, MouseHunter, and don’t get tired on the stairs!


New Mice

There are 34 new mice in the King’s Gauntlet that a hunter won’t have encountered before, and none of these mice can be found in other locations.




Black Mage


Clockwork Samurai





Escape Artist




Guqin Player
Hapless Marionette









Puppet Master


Sacred Shrine

Sock Puppet Ghost



Toy Sylvan

White Mage

Wound Up White



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The King’s Gauntlet contains two shops: a Cheese Shoppe and a Trapsmith.


Cheese Shoppe

The Cheese Shoppe of the King’s Gauntlet offers two varieties of cheese. With prices the same as those found in the Town of Gnawnia, this saves a hunter needing to travel to restock their cheese.

Swiss Cheese
Swiss offers a good chance of attracting a variety of mice.
Cost: 100 gold
Refund: 100 gold
Brie Cheese
Brie offers a very good chance of attracting a variety of mice.
Cost: 200 gold
Refund: 200 gold



The Trapsmith of the King’s Gauntlet contains a selection of physical weapons and bases that should help you against most of the mice found here.


Mouse Trebuchet (600 Physical Power)
Power Type: Physical
Power Bonus: 2%
Attraction Bonus: 4%
Luck: 1
Cheese Effect: Very Fresh
For those so inclined to not so much harm a mouse, but rather relocate it a few miles away there is the wooden mouse trebuchet. When triggered this trap catapults the mouse at over 500 miles per hour up to a range of 7 miles.
Cost: 15,850 gold
Refund: 2,855 gold
Points Required: 11,000

Mouse Rocketine (650 Physical Power)
Power Type: Physical
Power Bonus: 6%
Attraction Bonus: none
Luck: none
Cheese Effect: Extremely Stale
Off with their heads! This super-charged, rocket-powered version of a guillotine is the perfect way to hold all those criminal mice accountable for stealing your precious cheese.
Cost: 18,700 gold
Refund: 3,375 gold
Points Required: 11,000

Swiss Army Mouse Trap (1,200 Physical Power)
Power Type: Physical
Power Bonus: 2%
Attraction Bonus: 2%
Luck: 10
Cheese Effect: No Effect
Three razor sharp knife blades come downwards rapidly while a half dozen high speed drill bits come upwards, leaving little evidence that the mouse ever existed.
Cost: 70,300 gold
Refund: 12,655 gold
Points Required: 45,500

NVMRC Forcefield Trap (2,350 Physical Power)
Power Type: Physical
Power Bonus: 12%
Attraction Bonus: 10%
Luck: 12
Cheese Effect: No Effect
This trap generates a force field tough enough to hold even the strongest mice within. Once trapped, the mouse is harmlessly incapacitated with 100% organic sleeping gas and relocated to a mouse reservation.
Cost: 256,000 gold
Refund: 46,155 gold
Cost: 243,580 gold
Refund: 43,845 gold
Points Required: 91,000

Mouse DeathBot (2,400 Physical Power)
Power Type: Physical
Power Bonus: 15%
Attraction Bonus: 10%
Luck: 2
Cheese Effect: Stale
Although origins of this high-tech robot are unknown, its ability to destroy mice is well known. The DeathBot comes equipped with a high speed chain gun, two rapid fire laser guns, an extending saw blade arm and nine mouse-seeking missiles. Even the quickest, cleverest mouse stands little chance against this adversary.
Cost: 256,400 gold
Refund: 46,155 gold
Points Required: 91,000
Wooden Base (35 Power)
Power Bonus: none
Attraction Bonus: none
Luck: none
Cheese Effect: Very Fresh
A standard wood base to attach to your weapon.
Cost: 300 gold
Refund: 60 gold
Points Required: 0
Wooden Base with Target (75 Power)
Power Bonus: none
Attraction Bonus: 20%
Luck: none
Cheese Effect: No Effect
A wooden base with a target pad to increase the accuracy of your weapon.
Cost: 1,225 gold
Refund: 225 gold
Points Required: 650
Stone Base (150 Power)
Power Bonus: 10%
Attraction Bonus: none
Luck: none
Cheese Effect: Fresh
The added weight of a stone base increases the stability of your weapon.
Cost: 6,175 gold
Refund: 1,115 gold
Points Required: 5,000
Explosive Base (300 Power)
Power Bonus: 5%
Attraction Bonus: 5%
Luck: none
Cheese Effect: Stale
A base made of plastic-explosive, the ultimate back-up plan for any weapon.
Cost: 29,775 gold
Refund: 5,360 gold
Points Required: 22,500


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Thank you to all who have contributed so far and will do so in the future.


This article contains information relevant to MouseHunt v3.

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