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The original purpose of the Laboratory was to research the minor mouse problem Gnawnia was having. A few less than ethical experiments soon gave rise to new breeds of mice altogether. Now overrun with the very mice it spawned, few hunters dare to step foot on its grounds.


  1. Overview
      Hunting Tips by Larry
      New Mice
  2. Cheese and Mice
      The Mice of the Laboratory
      Mice Populations
  3. Setup Options
  4. Goals
      Catch a Dwarf with the key
      Catch a Monster Mouse
      Collect Radioactive Blue Potions
      Charms to use
  5. Related Articles



The Laboratory allows hunters to collect map pieces to a new location, and to to collect Radioactive Blue Potions.

These potions are not common, but a dedicated hunter can collect a reasonable number over time.

Radioactive Blue cheese can be used in the Laboratory to attract the Monster Mouse – a very strong mouse that offers a decent amount of loot in the form of numerous pieces of cheese, and a few other items that are useful in other locations.

Hunters are advised to choose a trap that offers a decent combination of luck and power in this location, to increase their chances of collecting potions.

The Dwarf Mouse drops the map to the Town of Digby.



To hunt in the Laboratory a Hunter must have:
    A Hunter’s Title of at least Master.
    The Burroughs Laboratory Map Piece from a Ninja Mouse in the Mountain.
And it is recommended that a Hunter should have:
    A decent Physical Weapon.
    At least Swiss Cheese.


Hunting Tips by Larry

Welcome to the remains of the Laboratory, brave MouseHunter!

Years ago the King built this laboratory to research the unusual changes in Gnawnian mice. Unfortunately, a few of their experiments went wrong, flooding the area with even more monstrous rodents. The laboratory contains many mysteries, including that of the scientists who disappeared from here long ago. . .

A Dwarf mouse has been reported to be carrying the key to a secret mobile research facility. Hunt this Dwarf and acquire the key to a new hunting ground, as well as some new experimental traps!

A few of the mice here have also stolen vials of radioactive waste. This glowing goo is left over from experiments in creating more powerful forms of bait. It might be worth the effort to save some of these vials to see if they work the way the scientists intended. . .


New Mice

There are 3 new mice in the Laboratory that a hunter won’t have encountered before, but all of these mice can be found in other locations.


Mutated Grey

Mutated White


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Cheese and Mice

Here we give an overview of the mice that can be encountered in this location, and how often you can expect to see them using various cheese.

The Mice of the Laboratory

Here is a breakdown of the various mice that can be found in the location, and what loot they might drop:

(Known Cheese Preferences)
Potential Loot Drop Rate
Bionic Indigenous Mice
Lab Research (1,000 bonus points) Unknown
Radioactive Blue Potion Unknown
Black Widow Indigenous Mice
SUPER|brie+ Unknown
Burglar Indigenous Mice
1-20 Brie Cheese Unknown
1 Flawless Orb Unknown
1-6 Gilded Cheese Unknown
Dwarf Indigenous Mice
Key to the Town of Digby Unknown
Granite Indigenous Mice
Lab Research (500 bonus points) Unknown
Radioactive Blue Potion Unknown
Monster Indigenous Mice
Brie Cheese Unknown
Cheddar Cheese Unknown
Greater Radioactive Blue Potion Unknown
Lab Research (1,000 bonus points) Unknown
1-3 Living Shards Unknown
Marble Cheese Unknown
Swiss Cheese Unknown
Mutated Grey Indigenous Mice
Mutated White Indigenous Mice
Steel Indigenous Mice
Lab Research (750 bonus points) Unknown
Radioactive Blue Potion Unknown
1 Scrap Metal
(depends on trap)
Zombie Indigenous Mice
Occassional Visitors
(These mice are not always encountered in this location)
Glitchpaw Event Mice
Living Shard Unknown
Radioactive Blue Potion Unknown
Greater Radioactive Blue Potion Unknown


Mice Populations

We currently do not have enough results for Mice Populations.


Both Brie and Swiss are good choices in the Laboratory, and the difference in attraction rate between the two is not significant.

Radioactive Blue is the best choice for those looking to hunt for the Monster Mouse.


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Setup Options

We currently do not have enough results for Setup Options.


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Here is a selection of Goals that a hunter may like to achieve:

Catch a Dwarf with the key

In the Laboratory the Dwarf Mouse can drop the Key to the Town of Digby, a new location that you can travel to as soon as you have the key.

If you’re using Swiss or Brie, the Dwarf mouse should visit sooner or later. They’re not too common, but they are there.

Being a weak mouse that you’ve caught plenty of already, the trap you’re using for the Laboratory should be more than sufficient to catch this mouse.


Catch a Monster Mouse

Hunting the Monster Mouse in the Laboratory is a goal to embark upon only once you feel ready. The Monster Mouse is the toughest mouse you’ll have encountered so far, and isn’t easy to catch (even for experienced hunters).

If you feel you’re ready for this challenge, you’ll need to use Radioactive Blue cheese, and your best trap.

Most trap types will work against the Monster, so just focus on your best combination of power and luck.

You might miss a lot of Monster mice before you catch one, but don’t be disheartened: the rewards for catching one can be quite good.


Collect Radioactive Blue Potions

The main purpose of the Laboratory is for hunters to collection Radioactive Blue Potions. You’ll find you need a lot of these during your time hunting, and they’re not so easy to collect.

The first thing to remember, is that if you’re not collecting many, it’s probably not because you have the wrong setup, or the game is “broken”. Many people don’t realise quite how tough it is to collect these, and get disheartened.

Potion collecting takes mainly patience, but here’s a few other ideas to help you out:

Try using a high luck trap, it will slighly increase your chances of receiving the potions as loot. Most of the mice in the Laboratory aren’t too strong, so you could sacrifice a lot of power for more luck.

Brie will attract more of the mice you need to your trap than Swiss, so it might be worth the investment to use the better cheese.

And an unusual suggestion:

Using Radioactive Blue cheese to get Radioactive Blue Potions

Many people quite like using Radioactive Blue to collect more potions, and it’s not as silly as it might first seem.

However, this isn’t for everyone, so it’s worth considering a few things before you try this.

If you’re a Master and are converting Brie into Radioactive Blue, you might find you’re not collecting potions fast enough to make up for the cheese you use. As you increase through the ranks you’ll be able to convert more cheese per potion.

Those who are converting Super Brie into Radioactive Blue will find they’ve got even more cheese per potion, making this tactic even more effective.

You will encounter a lot of Monsters – great if you have a really powerful trap, terrible if you don’t.

So using Radioactive Blue is more of an advanced tactic, for those hunters who have moved on from the Laboratory and upgraded their traps, but have returned for more potions to use in later areas.

So what are the benefits of this tactic?

Well first, Radioactive Blue has a great attraction rate, about 95%, which means more mice.

Second, Radioactive Blue brings in Monsters that can drop the Greater Radioactive Blue Potion, a more potent version of the standard potion that can convert even more cheese.

Combine those two factors and using Radioactive Blue can be very effective for hunters with strong and lucky traps.

The Scientist’s charm can be used to speed up the process of collecting Radioactive Blue Potions, although as with other charms it is an expensive option.


Charms to use

The Scientist’s Charm can be used to increase the frequency and number of Radioactive Blue Potions dropped in the laboratory.


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Thank you to all who have contributed so far and will do so in the future.


This article contains information relevant to MouseHunt v3.1.23452.

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