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The enticing blue water hypnotizes hunters, distracting them from the dangerous mice that take up residence nearby. The terrain that surrounds the Lagoon is extremely unsteady, comprised of jagged rocks and slick moss. High up in the trees that surround the Lagoon are the nests of Harpy mice who act as a plague to all hunters, stealing their cheese, gold and crippling their courage. Some mice here are not attracted to conventional bait. It is highly recommended that a hunter use Gnarled cheese when hunting at the Lagoon.


  1. Overview
      Hunting Tips by Larry
      New Mice
  2. Cheese and Mice
      The Mice of the Lagoon
      Mice Populations
  3. Setup Options
  4. Goals
      Catch a Hydra Mouse with important loot
      Catch the Goblin Mouse
      Catch the Harpy Mouse
      Catch the Silth Mouse
      Catch the Troll Mouse
      Collecting Orbs
  5. Related Articles



The Lagoon is a difficult area to hunt in, it contains powerful mice that are weak to different power types so a hunter must seriously consider which trap they want to use. When hunting for specific mice, obviously using the right trap type for that mouse is the best idea. Tactical traps are a good compromise, and offer the best returns for the hunter.

The hunter also has the choice of which cheese to use. Gnarled cheese can be used for decent returns in this area, and a reasonable chance of attracting the Hydra mouse as well as most of the new mice to be found here.

Wicked Gnarly only attracts the stronger mice found in this location, including the elusive Silth Mouse. Wicked Gnarly is useful for hunters wishing to increase the number of Hydra mice they attract.

The Hydra mouse in this location drops the ship blueprints, which, when combined with crafting supplies purchased at the general store in the Great Gnarled Tree, form the map to a new location, the S.S. Huntington II.



To hunt in the Lagoon a Hunter must have:
    A Hunter’s Title of at least Grandmaster.
    The Map of the Lagoon from a Fairy Mouse in the Great Gnarled Tree.
And it is recommended that a Hunter should have:
    A good Tactical Weapon.
    Gnarled or Wicked Gnarly Cheese.


Hunting Tips by Larry

Hope you can swim! The waters of the Lagoon look dangerous!

To be successful here you will need Gnarled cheese, else you will find yourself having trouble attracting mice to your trap. If you need more Gnarled cheese, head back to the Great Gnarled Tree to collect potions from the mice there.

Dwelling in the water is the fearsome Hydra mouse. The Hydra originates from the Ocean to the East, where it is known for being the cause of many shipwrecks. For this reason, the Hydra is known for dropping many nautical items. If you have your sea legs, try hunting the Hydra. You may just discover the mysteries of the ocean in the process.


New Mice

There are 6 new mice to be found in this location, and four of them can not be found in any other locations.

The Hydra Mouse drops various crafting supplies that can be used to create the map to Rodentia. The Hydra Mouse can be very difficult to catch.






Water Nymph


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Cheese and Mice

Here we give an overview of the mice that can be encountered in this location, and how often you can expect to see them using various cheese.

The Mice of the Lagoon

Here is a breakdown of the various mice that can be found in the location, and what loot they might drop:

(Known Cheese Preferences)
Potential Loot Drop Rate
Black Widow Indigenous Mice
Gnarled Cheese Unknown
SUPER|brie+ Unknown
Wicked Gnarly Cheese Unknown
Centaur Forest Guild
Cyclops Forest Guild
1 Simple Orb Unknown
Eagle Owl Forest Guild
Elven Princess Forest Guild
Fairy Forest Guild
Goblin Forest Guild
1 Flawless Orb Unknown
Harpy Forest Guild
3 Divine Orbs Unknown
Hydra Aquatic Order
1-2 Bolts of Cloth Unknown
1-2 Rope Unknown
1-8 Scrap Metal Unknown
1 Ship Blueprints (Max 1) Unknown
2 Simple Orbs Unknown
1-11 Splintered Wood Unknown
Nomad Forest Guild
Shaman Forest Guild
Silth Forest Guild
1 Divine Orb Unknown
1-2 Hunting Research (5,000 bonus points) Unknown
1 Plankrun’s Journal Cover (Max 1) Unknown
1 Satchel of Gold (1,000 gold) Unknown
1-3 Satchels of Gold (5,000 gold) Unknown
Scrap Metal Unknown
Wicked Gnarly Cheese Unknown
Tiger Forest Guild
Treant Forest Guild
1-6 Splintered Wood ~100%
Troll Forest Guild
Brie Cheese Unknown
Cheddar Cheese Unknown
Marble Cheese Unknown
1 Satchel of Gold (1,000 gold) Unknown
Swiss Cheese Unknown
Water Nymph Aquatic Order
Wicked Witch of Whisker Woods Forest Guild
Occassional Visitors
(These mice are not always encountered in this location)
Glitchpaw Event Mice
Gnarled Potion Unknown
Wicked Gnarly Potion Unknown
Rope Unknown
Splintered Wood Unknown
Scrap Metal Unknown


Mice Populations

Here is a breakdown of the populations of mice in the location based upon cheese used (these results come from our survey); the values given are a percentage of all attractions, and how many of these mice you are likely to attract in 100 hunts using base attraction:

(Please note, results with less than 1,000 hunts submitted have a low level of accuracy and should be used as guidelines only)

Wicked Gnarly
Black Widow
Centaur ~19%
Eagle Owl ~7%
Elven Princess
Fairy ~5%
Goblin ~8%
Harpy ~8%
Hydra ~12%
Nomad ~5%
Silth ~3%
Tiger ~1%
Troll ~7%
Water Nymph ~24%
Wicked Witch of Whisker Woods
Hunts Submitted 76
Base Attraction Rate ~97%


Both Gnarled and Wicked Gnarly have a similar base attraction rate, so your choice comes down to which mice do you want to attract.

Gnarled is the better choice for hunters with weaker traps, as it attracts fewer of the stronger mice, allowing you to earn more points and gold.

Wicked Gnarly is a better choice if you are hunting for a specific strong mouse in this location.


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Setup Options

We currently do not have enough results for Setup Options.


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Here is a selection of Goals that a hunter may like to achieve:

Catch a Hydra Mouse with important loot

The best type of trap to use for the Hydra is a Hydro weapon. Unfortunately these are only available for hunters who have already progressed into the Rodentia region or aquired a limited edition trap.

The best alternative is a Tactical trap with a good combination of power and luck.

Hydra mice are not too uncommon, but you can increase your chances of attracting one by using Wicked Gnarly cheese.


Catch the Goblin Mouse

The Goblin mouse is commonly attracted with either Gnarled or Wicked Gnarly. It is also quite weak, so whilst a Shadow or Arcane trap will increase your chances of catching one, a strong Physical or Tactical trap can catch them.


Catch the Harpy Mouse

Harpy mice are strong and quite rare mice, if you want to catch this mouse, a Shadow or Arcane trap is your best bet.

Previously Radioactive Blue cheese would increase your chances of attracting a Harpy mouse, although we have not yet received full confirmation, it doesn’t appear to be the case anymore.


Catch the Silth Mouse

The Silth is one of the most difficult mice in the game to catch.

My first piece of advice for catching this mouse is to wait. There are rumours that it will drop a new map piece in the future, so if you have other mice to get first, leave the Silth until later.

If however, you want one now, then hopefully this will help:

The first problem you face is collecting enough Wicked Gnarly cheese, the potions only convert 3 Brie or 6 Super Brie to Wicked Gnarly. As a result you’ll need to spend some time collecting these to have enough cheese.

On average, you’ll only attract one Silth per 40 Wicked Gnarly used, so it’s generally worth collecting a significant number of potions.

The best trap to use would be a high luck or high power Hydro trap, failing that, a high luck or high power Physical or Tactical trap might also work.

Be prepared to miss a significant number of Silth mice before your first catch.


Catch the Troll Mouse

The Troll mouse is a very strong mouse, but is especially weak to Shadow traps. Arming a powerful shadow trap will definately help you catch this mouse.


Collecting Orbs

The Lagoon contains a number of mice that drop three different orbs. While these mice might not be the easiest to catch, the variety here does offer some incentive to hunters wishing to collect lots of orbs to hunt here.

Wicked Gnarly is the ideal choice for hunting orb dropping mice as it attracts the widest selection of them.


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Thank you to all who have contributed so far and will do so in the future.


This article contains information relevant to MouseHunt v3.1.23452.

This article includes survey results from 11-Jul-10 to 12-Jul-10.

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