Jul 27, 2010

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Super Brie

Super Brie

This special, extra fragrant brie is only available as a gift to the supporters of MouseHunt. Due to the magical properties of SUPER|brie+, crafty mice are unable to steal multiple pieces of this precious cheese from hunters who hunt in dangerous environments. This cheese offers a 99% attraction rate for many of the mice in the game!


  1. Overview
  2. Crafting Recipes
      1 Super Brie Cheese
  3. Special Items
  4. Loot
  5. Recommended Use
  6. Special Properties
  7. Other Ways to Obatin Super Brie Cheese



Super Brie is the most useful cheese in the entire game and in many locations it can be used to obtain a higher attraction rate than any other cheese.
In those locations requiring more specialised cheese is required, Super Brie has other ways to be used:
Super Brie can be smashed into magic essence, which can be added to some crafting recipes.
Using Super Brie also normally allows you to convert more pieces of cheese per potion than any other cheese.

At no point in the game is Super Brie essential to use, however it will generally allow the hunter to achieve their goals more quickly.

As Super Brie’s uses are so numerous and varied depending on hunters’ title and goals, its price (determined by trading on an open marketplace found under the “shops” button) tends to fluctuate with great range – in the last year anywhere from 1,000 to 5,000 gold/piece. Where mentioned on this site, the “Price of Super Brie” should be taken to represent the current average in-game open-market buying price of Super Brie in gold pieces.

Super Brie is the only cheese in MouseHunt that can be obtained outside of the normal ways of obtaining cheese, see below for more information on this.


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Crafting Recipes

Super Brie Cheese can be crafted in the following ways:

1 Super Brie Cheese

1 Curds
and Whey

1 Magic

1 Salt


Super Brie can be smashed with the Hunter’s Hammer to create Magic Essence.
You receive neither Curds and Whey or Salt when doing this.


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Special Items

Super Brie Cheese can be found in the following special items:

Opening a Birthday Gift may result in 5 Super Brie Cheese.
Opening a Gift may result in 3 Super Brie Cheese.
Unwrapping a Magically Wrapped Gift may result in 10, 20 or 35 Super Brie Cheese.
Opening a Ronza’s Blue Satchel of Surprise may result in some Super Brie Cheese.
Opening a Ronza’s Green Satchel of Surprise may result in some Super Brie Cheese.
Opening a Ronza’s Red Satchel of Surprise may result in some Super Brie Cheese.
Opening a SUPER|brie+ Gift Basket results in 75 Super Brie Cheese, and the Lucky Golden Shield for one month.
Opening a Tiger Heart Chest results in 30 Super Brie Cheese.


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Super Brie is sometimes dropped as loot by mice in the following locations:

Location Mouse

Acolyte Realm

Black Widow


Black Widow

Calm Clearing

Black Widow

Cape Clawed

Black Widow


Black Widow

Derr Dunes

Black Widow


Black Widow

Elub Shore

Black Widow

Forbidden Grove

Black Widow

Great Gnarled Tree

Black Widow


Black Widow


Black Widow


Black Widow


Black Widow


Black Widow


Black Widow

Nerg Plains

Black Widow

S.S. Huntington II

Black Widow

Town of Digby

Black Widow

Town of Gnawnia

Black Widow

Training Grounds

Black Widow

Festive Comet*

Black Widow

Ronza’s Traveling Shoppe*

Black Widow

Super Brie may also be dropped as loot by the following special event mice in any location they are found in:





*Indicates special mice or locations which are only available for limited times in the game.


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Recommended Use

Super Brie Cheese is best used in any location that does not require specially crafted or imbued cheese to increase attraction rates, although due to the normally high price of Super Brie it is rarely cost effective.

Location Attraction Cost Effectiveness
Derr Dunes Near Perfect
Elub Shore Near Perfect
Nerg Plains Near Perfect
S.S. Huntington II Near Perfect
Town of Gnawnia Near Perfect

Please note:
Attraction is based on the Base Attraction for the cheese – please remember this can be improved by using a trap with an Attraction Bonus.
Cost Effectiveness is based on a price of 2,000 gold per piece for the cheese: At least one star is good, a red cross indicates a potential loss.


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Special Properties

Super Brie Cheese is the only known cheese to reliably attract the following mice:








Super Brie Cheese is known to attract more of the following mice than other cheese:

Black Widow








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Other Ways to Obatin Super Brie Cheese

There are a few special ways to obtain Super Brie for use in the game:
Donations to MouseHunt keep the game running; without donations the game would not be what it is today. You do not need to donate to play, but doing so not only helps HitGrab to constantly improve the game, but it also means you don’t need to pay any in-game gold for the cheese. Donating to the game also gives the hunter the Lucky Golden Shield, which adds 7 luck to your trap, for a limited amount of time.
To donate to the game click on the large blue “Donate” button on the right hand side of the MouseHunt menu.
There are numerous methods that can be used to donate, including PayPal, Facebook Credits and Cherry Credits.
You may also donate to recieve the SUPER|brie+ Gift Basket, which you can either open yourself or send to a friend for them to open.

There are normally a number of offers available for players to take advantage of; unfortunately these normally require you to sign up for something, or fill out a questionaire, and generally require your e-mail address that can result in you receiving undesirable e-mails.
Current offers can be found by following the links after clicking on the large blue “Donate” button on the right hand side of the MouseHunt menu.

Give to Friends
If you are feeling generous you can give some of your Super Brie to your friends – simply select the person you wish to give to, and how much you wish to give. If you are lucky enough to be on the receiving end of a gift of Super Brie, you will receive a notification in your Hunter’s Journal.
To Give to Friends select “Give to Friends” from the drop down menu found under the “Friends” button on the MouseHunt menu.
Do not use Give to Friends as a way of trading Super Brie for gold, as you are not guaranteed to receive your gold or Super Brie. Instead, you should use the option below.

Trading Super Brie
Super Brie can be traded on the in-game Marketplace. This is the safest way to exchange Super Brie for MouseHunt gold. To trade Super Brie select “Marketplace” from the drop down menu found under the “Shops” button on the MouseHunt menu.
Sellers decide how many Super Brie they wish to sell and at what price per piece, they can then post this to the Marketplace where buyers can see the offer.
Buyers may search the Marketplace for Super Brie on offer. They will see how many pieces, the price per piece and the total price for the purchase including a 10% tariff. Each trade must be purchased in full, you cannot select to only purchase part of a trade.


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This article contains information relevant to MouseHunt v3.0g

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